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Nuzzi Design is a well-recognized with years of experience in the furniture sector of quality on stuffed full of various production lines: living in leather, which represent the core business, lounges and Microfiber fabric, tailor-made sofas, upholstered beds, specchiereimbottite, lamps, tables covered with skins and ecopelli, contract, etc.

The company is headquartered in the Murgia District, the most important polo lounge at the national level. A reality that has succeeded in combining the long craft tradition with authentic and distinctive sign of the Made in Italy in over 70 countries.

Everywhere who chooses Nuzzi Design sa sitting on sofas on a human scale, the result of authentic passion, deep attention to detail and continue research for the right balance between design and comfort.

The exclusivity of sofas Nuzzi Design was first by a careful selection of raw materials and a machining process followed with the utmost care at every stage. A wide range of models, constantly renewed, marked by a deep fine tailoring, and created with the most advanced technologies. Models in which avant-garde and tradition coexist happily.
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